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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

NCC Program Presentation by Gary W. Potts on May 11, 2012

The Nevada Camera Club May 2012 Program Meeting features a presentation by Gary W. Potts. He will present his program, Photographic Judging: Warts and All, in which he dispels some of the myths about judging and judges. He provides tips and suggestions for the improvement of competition images and the improvement of judging. Although mostly subjective, judging can be done in a concise, professional and non-offensive manner. Recent published work on photographic judging will be included in the presentation along with the showing of selected award winning images from Photographic Society of America PSA-recognized International Exhibitions of Photography. Gary's program presentation is candid, lively, informative and directed toward all photographers regardless of their level of photographic achievement.

Gary Potts began his interest in photography at the age of 14 when hired to work part time at a camera store in Bedford, Indiana. He went on to become the photo editor for the Purdue University yearbook in 1968 and he was forever hooked on the art and science of photography. He earned his BSIE and MSIE degrees from Purdue University. Gary is now an Adjunct Professor in the William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration; University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Gary has been a Photographic Society of America member since 1979. He actively participates in PSA-recognized International Exhibitions in which his photographs have received hundreds of exhibition acceptances. Gary's International Exhibition achievement has earned him multiple PSA Star Ratings, publication in the PSA annual Who's Who in Photography and earned him the PSA Recognition of Photographic Achievement PPSA title.

Gary joined Nevada Camera Club after moving to Las Vegas from Indiana in 2003. He was named Nevada Camera Club Photographer of the Year in 2009. Gary is a frequent judge and image evaluator at Nevada Camera Club Monthly Competitions. His service to the club and photographic achievement earned him the Nevada Camera Club Horizon Award and a Life-Time Membership in NCC. Gary currently serves Nevada Camera Club as Vice President and Executive Board Member.

Photographs by Gary Potts are available for viewing in the Nevada Camera Club web site Member Gallery. Additional information about Gary and a selection of his photographs are available for viewing on the Gary Potts Photography web site.

The public is invited to the Nevada Camera Club Program Meeting and admission is free. Please see the Nevada Camera Club web siteInvitation page for more information.

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